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Queermentor marks the beginning of the future today. Queermentor is an innovation, as it represents the first 360° support system for the LGBTQIA community and its allies, encompassing all dimensions of diversity and aiding mentees in cultivating a "I am good as I am" mindset. Queer individuals are three times more likely to suffer from mental health issues compared to heterosexual individuals.* One of the many reasons for this is the exclusion that many people from the community unfortunately still experience on a daily basis. At Queermentor, we aspire to actively change this situation and, together with the community, take the first steps towards a diverse and colorful future today.

We see ourselves as a safe space, allowing individuals to find self-acceptance and self-love within the protection of the community.

As such, the Queermentor program is suitable for any queer individual aged 16 and above who actively seeks to shape their own professional and personal development. One-on-one mentorships with experts from various industries, online training for career success, the development of soft skills, and the enhancement of mental health form the core of the program.

Our community events foster intergenerational exchange, creating a unique dialogue that benefits all participants. By empowering each individual, we sustainably support the entire community.

Are you interested in joining us on the path to a vibrant future? Feel free to apply as a mentee, mentor, or support the Queermentor vision as a sponsor or partner.

*Source: Study of the DIW Berlin, February 2021

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Pavlo Stroblja

CEO & Gründer

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Annika in der Beek

HR & Mentoring Programme

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Julian Koll

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