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Nice to see you here on Queermentor.

We are Queermentor, and we are committed to promoting equity by providing free mentoring, training, and networking opportunities for queer individuals. At the same time, we serve as a resource for companies looking to make a positive impact on the LGBTQIA+ community through their work.


Our Vision? Shaping a confident future together

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Pavlo Stroblja

CEO & Founder

Our Ambassadors

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Jochen Schropp

Schauspieler, Moderator, Podcaster

I wish there was a project like Queermentor when I was a teenager. A „Safe Space“ with people who understand and support me!
Foto von Michaela Jaap

Michaela Jaap

Head of Corporate Culture & Responsibility @ Hays

As part of our Corporate Volunteering Program, we are once again supporting the wonderful organization Queermentor in guiding queer individuals on their journey into and through the world of work this year.
Foto von Jill Deimel

Jill Deimel

Coach, Schauspieler, Autor

I am different, because I am like everyone and everyone is different! You are unique, not weird!
Foto von Vanessa Völker

Vanessa Völker

Brand Managerin @ Carlsberg

It was very important to us that queer perspectives are at the heart of our campaign. For this reason, it was clear to us that as Somersby, we only wanted to take this step with a strong LGBTIQ+ partner organization by our side – and with Queermentor, we found the perfect match.

What Queermentor can do for you

We know how difficult it can be to find our place in this world and to recognize our own value. Not only in our personal lifes but also professionally we are challenged by this time after time.

At Queermentor we believe that every single person has very special abilities. We created this platform to be a safe space offering you the opportunity to develop your potential far from any exclusion.

Therefore we have developed a program that is as unique and colorful as you are.

1:1 Mentoring

Our mentors (experienced queer individuals and allies who are firmly established in their professional careers) regularly engage in personal exchanges with their mentees, providing expertise through confidential conversations on an equal footing. You receive support and the opportunity to exchange experiences regarding your job search, personal or professional development, entrepreneurship, and topics like coming out in the workplace, among others.


In regular online training sessions, experts give lectures on various personal topics such as mental health resilience, mindfulness, motivation, self-awareness, and self-esteem, as well as professional insights, crafting the perfect resume, interview preparation, discovering your own strengths, and more.


As a Queermentor member, you have access to the entire Queermentor network. We organize digital meetings for exchange between all mentees and mentors, facilitate connections with companies and key individuals for your professional future or projects, and attend various (career) fairs together.


Queermentor is a nonprofit organization dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion. This means that all funds received go directly into the program and benefit the LGBTQIA+ community. Our goal is to provide all mentees with free scholarships through sponsors and corporate partnerships. We welcome any donations or opportunities for collaborations. The latter can include corporate volunteering programs, joint Pride activities, events, trade show appearances, or brand partnerships.

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