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Nice to see you here on Queermentor.

Let your curiosity run wild and feel free to check out the first digital diversity platform for LGBTQIA youth. Discover exciting events in the Queermentor Lounge, where you can learn how to participate as a mentor or mentee.


Our Vision? Shaping a confident future together

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Pavlo Stroblja

CEO & Founder

Our Ambassadors

Foto von Jochen Schropp

Jochen Schropp

Schauspieler, Moderator, Podcaster

I wish there was a project like Queermentor when I was a teenager. A „Safe Space“ with people who understand and support me!
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Gianni Jovanovic


We need: empowerment, appreciation, support and self love.
Foto von Jill Deimel

Jill Deimel

Coach, Schauspieler, Autor

I am different, because I am like everyone and everyone is different! You are unique, not weird!
Foto von Erwin Aljukic

Erwin Aljukic

Künstler, Schauspieler

On my life journey I have learned the importance of supporters that empower you to go your own way.

We don't give exclusion a chance.

Through the targeted support and training of the Queermentor mentors, we give you the tools to master the challenges of everyday life. In this way you can develop your full potential both professionally and privately.

6 pillars to stand firm in life.

Mentorings, training sessions and cross-generational community events provide an appreciative exchange that gives you a secure foundation in life. Whether it's personal empowerment and development or methods to achieve your career goals - we're here for you.

Get started.

Would you like to benefit from the wealth of experience of our mentors or would you like to pass on your expertise as a mentor to young people and support them on their journey through life?

We are looking forward to your application in the Queermentor Lounge.

Let us accompany you.

With Queermentor we strengthen your self-confidence, highlight your uniqueness and support you to experience a more successful and fulfilled life.

That's how we create a colorful, diverse community hand in hand.

The 6 pillars for your firm stand

We know how difficult it can be to find our place in this world and to recognize our own value. Not only in our personal lifes but also professionally we are challenged by this time after time.

At Queermentor we believe that every single person has very special abilities. We created this platform to be a safe space offering you the opportunity to develop your potential far from any exclusion.

Therefore we have developed a program that is as unique and colorful as you are.

Our 6 pillars give you a secure basis for a successful business and private life:

1:1 Mentoring

Our Mentors meet Mentees once per Month and share their valuable experience and expertise with the young generation in a virtual safe space, where everyone is welcome as they are


In virtual classroom on our website mentees have a chance to attend online training. In the training series Queerself they learn more about topics on mental strength like resilience, mindfulness, motivation, self-love and self-confidence


Second training series gives monthly insight on topics of career and professional orientation. Our mentees learn in the virtual classroom how to write a CV, get prepared for job interviews, discover and develop their strengths and competencies


Nothing is more empowering than a sense of community and belonging. Throughout a year our mentees have a chance to meet in small peer groups and exchange their experience, talk about their challenges in everyday and grow together

Mentors Hub

In the monthly virtual workshops and trainings our mentors grow together, learn more about mentoring and coaching and exchange best practice from their experience as mentors. Mentors Hub is a virtual safe space for our volunteers to network and expand their knowledge on different topics


Our diversity is a great opportunity. In our community events we share our unique stories and empower each other through stories and learnings from community role models. Everyone is welcome to join our talks on various topics from the queer perspective like Identity, Fashion, Culture, Politics, Sports


Queermentor is a non-profit organization dedicated to diversity & inclusion. All funds raised are flowing directly into the program to the benefit of our young community. It is in our interest for all mentees to receive a sponsored scholarship.

Therefore we are more than happy about every donation or sponsorship.

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