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With Queermentor, the future starts today. Queermentor is the first digital diversity platform for LGBTQIA youth. Queer people suffer from mental illness three times as often as heterosexual people.* One of the many reasons for this is the exclusion and discrimination that many people from the community unfortunately still experience on a daily basis. We at Queermentor are working on changing this condition taking the first steps into a diverse and colorful future.

Queermentor is an innovation because it is the first digital training & empowerment platform for the LGBTQIA community and allies which maps all dimensions of diversity and supports mentees in developing a mindset that proudly states: "I am good the way I am".

We recognize ourselves as a safe space to find self-acceptance and self-love within the protection of the community.

Therefore, the Queermentor program is fitting for any queer person 16 years of age or older who wants to shape their professional and personal development. One-to-one mentoring sessions with experts from various industries, online training sessions for professional success, soft skills development and mental health empowerment form the core of the program.

In our community events intergenerational exchange is taking place characterized by a unique dialogue which provides added value for all interested parties.

By empowering the individual we support the entire community.

Would you like to join us on the path to a colorful future? Then apply as a mentee, mentor or support the Queermentor vision as a sponsor.

*Source: Study of the DIW Berlin, February 2021

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